Stella Jones Yoga

I have been attending Stella's yoga classes since 2004 and am convinced that they have helped me in a number of ways: I used to suffer from chronic pain in my right knee and struggled with stairs but today have little more than the occasional twinge. Many exercises focus on balance and I feel sure that this helped me to handle a 6 month episode of vertigo. Good balance is also invaluable as one gets older (I am 67) and more prone to become unsteady and fall. I had lumbago recently and was interested to read in the Back Advice Book issued by Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Trust that the exercises recommended were all yoga exercises.

The handbook also recommended relaxation which is the way Stella rounds off her classes in a very enjoyable way. Stella keeps a watchful eye on us and suggests modified exercises for any health problems e.g. If all this sounds very serious I should add that we laugh a lot and enjoy the classes as a social event also.