Jane Aggleton

I went to my first yoga class about 20 years ago at my local gym and immediately knew that I had found what I had been looking for after years of aerobics and squash.

I am a qualified British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Teacher and have been teaching since 1998. Over the years I have regularly attended workshops and courses given by teachers from a variety of styles of yoga such as Viniyoga and Iyengar, and my yoga has been influenced by each of these. However in 2002 at the BWY Congress I experienced yoga taught by Chloe Fremantle in the Vanda Scaravelli style and this immediately struck me as making absolute sense. I have continued to work this way ever since attending workshops, courses and classes with other teachers working this way whenever I can. I have gained much inspiration from the way that Peter Blackaby approaches yoga.

For me the essence of this style of yoga is to discover how the body naturally responds to the breath.